Now, from the administrators of this fine Wikia project themselves. Welcome to the Fight Night Champion Player's Wiki, which serves as an online encyclopedia for anything Fight Night Champion related!

From the Fight Night Community to the mechanics of the game itself, this Wikia will serve to document everything that is possibly related to this game.

The rules are simple, so please read them thoroughly so that we can all enjoy our time building this project:

  1. If you decide to contribute, please share all of what you know with the Wikia Community as to make every detail possible known for the sake of a more complete Wikia Project.
  2. If you don't know much about the game but do know about the community, and even if you do know about the game, you're free to contribute to Player Profiles - Wikia Articles which detail members of the Fight Night Champion Community. Note: As of 28 April 2008 this project is engaged in a renewal of its content, forcing off all of the troll articles written by Wikia Project Administrator Uboa from the Wikia, meaning this day started an improvement drive to ward off excessive vandalism. Troll commentary will not be allowed and you will be banned for a year exactly and will not be able to create accounts or post on your talk page should you be banned for this. This is the first and last warning.
  3. The Community consists of the leader board rankings, the Official E.A. Sports Fight Night Champion Forums, the PlayStation and XBOX-360 gaming networks and even this Wikia Project. Feel free to write on any of them, but consult rule two to ensure you won't be getting banned any time soon.
  4. Vandalism is grounds for immediate dismissal. We do post the IP addresses and what information that comes with them in articles pertaining to the vandals themselves. Subverting this is stupid but we won't say why, so don't use the Anonymouse anonymizer while thinking you're clever.
  5. If you have some sort of a beef with someone, take it up with an administrator such as FightNightModerator, an account ran by four people simultaneously, or someone who has been appointed to moderate the Wikia. No vigilantism in other words.
  6. This project will need to be moderated and will need a more broad administration, and FightNightModerator isn't always around, which is exactly why administration will need to be expanded. Administration and moderation are invite only; please don't ask to be a moderator or an administrator.
  7. Post facts, not conjecture.

That's pretty much the gist of it, everyone, so do have fun with it.