Holy shit guys.

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UboaTheGreat, CreepingRust, CeaseToRust, ImmutableUboa [current.]


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Co-Owner, Clean-up crew, Vandalism watch, general border patrol, drunk at the wheel and of course, General Wiki Administration.

Amongst the forum community of Fight Night one is definitely bound to find a rather strange individual notable for his upsetting commentary, his bleak outlook on many topics, and his inability to simply stop pointing out the ironies and hypocrisies of the Fight Night Champion Forum members. He doesn't own a console, he doesn't own the game Fight Night Champion, and he doesn't own a sense of decency. One is bound to find the rather disturbed and noted concern-troll CreepingRust, whose scathing commentary is often times reaching for the ire of those like Killuminarti, Meldrick, Killer_C, Steven Kelly, and many other forum members.

CreepingRust originally arrived on the scene as UboaTheGreat, but stopped posting on that account due to the possibility that he was hacked out from the account. Nonetheless, CreepingRust still plays the same roles as he always has since his landfall in January: get credit for what is his, dispel the everlasting stupidity of the Fight Night Community by constantly derailing threads, and to generally make "a fifteen hooker gang bang out of things."

Many of the forum members, unable to understand CreepingRust's motivation for annoying the ever loving shit out of them and being complete newfags to the internet, wonder precisely why it is that CreepingRust continues to make "a fifteen hooker gang bang out of things." His only response to this is that "you take this all way too seriously.

He is the first to acknowledge the hypocrisy and continuing fallacy that those such as Steven Kelly make, proclaiming himself to be the "Fight Night Messiah" while claiming that CreepingRust himself doesn't have a life. He is also the first among the flock to start and persist in many arguments, given his argumentative nature.

Nevertheless, CreepingRust is still a faggot for associating with faggots such as these when he should be doing something much more lucrative like not riling up a bunch of manchildren for his own amusement. He first made landfall to the forums when DJCtheBoss had stolen Uboa's intellectual property. Always one for an argument, Uboa made his way to the forums and doled out the harshness, argumentative idiot that he is. This all died down last month in February, and in March Uboa has taken up a new cross: fucking with Steven Ke- I mean.

Steven Kelly.

He now spends his time laughing at the undeniable God complex that Steven has, and at his sycophantic cult followers who would like to put his cock in between two sesame seed buns and chow down. Whatever will become of the troll? Only time will tell. He's still a faggot though.

How do you return to something you never could fathom to leave?" - Uboa.